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November 27th, 2014 at 7:50 am

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The Smoothie Blenders that Make the Top of the List


It is one thing to come across a variety of blenders at your nearest store when selecting a blender, and another thing to select a great blender from the variety of blenders at your disposal. Consequently, you must be well versed with as many top smoothie blenders on the today’s market as possible. Again, you will have to take into account a number of important factors to consider when selecting the best smoothie blender. Best smoothie blender reviews elaborates more on these important factors. Here are some of the highly recommended smoothie blenders today.


  • The 5-speed blender will help you mix, chop, liquefy and puree your smoothie ingredients with ease. It features a 400-watt Intelli-sped motor and a sturdy design. It comes with a 60-ounce pitcher that is scratchproof and shatterproof, on top of being large enough to accommodate a large amount of food. The blender is easy to use and it comes with a wide assortment of parts that are ideal for processing and blending smoothies in an extremely excellent manner.

Vitamix 5200

  • This is perhaps the best blender when it comes to creating warm soup, delicious smoothies, cold ice creams and tasty vegetable and fruit juices. It also provides a plethora of blending and processing options. It features 650-watt motor and stainless steel grinders hence making it quite reliable when it comes to crushing ice for smoothies. Unlike other blenders, it comes with a remarkably long warranty period of 7 years. It is also spill proof and comes with a lid that features a plug that is designed to add ingredients safely while this blender is in use.
  • All-Clad Immersion

The blender comes with a powerful motor of 750 watts and a unique sleek design. It is also easy to use for all you have to do is to place the ingredients under its grinders and the press the start button and you will get the results very quickly. The blender consumes less power as compared to other blenders and it is therefore the best choice for you if you are searching for an energy saving blender to make smoothies.

Other Top Brands:

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April 13th, 2015 at 4:14 am

Ahead with Juicers


Users should now know the basic value that the best juicing machines 2015 are worth. It is important to check on reviews prior to buying a juicer machine because it will make the confidence that a user need at buying point. Masticating juicer reviews are great resorts for users that like such product. It is an excellent provider in term of quality and performance.

Breville compact juicer comes in different mode and can as well give users excellent service as required. Though, Breville ranks high among other producers. Prior to purchasing any juicing machine, it is important to follow the buying guide. This can be found in the likes of performance, functionality of product, juicer cost, efficient of juicing machine, availability in the market, durability and some few more.

Following the brief explanation of each product below will give users a basic idea to apply prior buying these products.

710 Champion G5-PG: This is a great juicing machine that is categorized within the group of best juicers. It picks fruits and vegetables. It come with a 10-year warranty and physically looking like a heavy- duty machine.

Juicer For Life Jay Kordich PGP001: This is a masticating juicer that arrives with an excellent grip and has perfect cleansing features. The design that this type of machine has blends with the new era kitchen. Find out further info in this website.

HD Omega VRT350: It is a double-stage juicer holding an interior auto drive that is an excellent fast cleaner. It has remained beneficial for individuals who do not want to spend much time in the kitchen.

Using the above explanation will go a long way in helping users see how a product works and rate in review. The best product will always rank better because of the functions and features that it has. You can always have the best thereof.

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February 16th, 2015 at 9:22 am

My little kitchen therapy


Me and my family just got settled into our cozy new home, which is really my granny’s old house. I remember watching her cook and how good everything tasted. It’s nostalgic for me to be in this kitchen now that I’m a grown up and she’s gone. It’s so strange how she always had the most beat up pots and pans but everything always tasted so good. I happen to be a decent cook but I really want to be a better one. My son is overweight and I worry about his health because he’s only 5 and my daughter wants a 4 course meal everyday. I really want to oblige and give her that at least a couple of times a week. I borrowed my sisters colorful pots and pans and was amazed that they worked better than my old beat up cheapies. My sister is really into kitchen gadgets and she use to go on and on about her cookware. In my eyes, If you’ve seen one pot you’ve seen them all.

Well, I guess I was wrong. I’ve been cooking with her pots and pans for a month now and I don’t mind because I don’t break a sweat cleaning food off of them. My kids have been doing so much better with good food in their happy tummies. My son actually eats vegetables!!! I remember the days when I used to tell him over and over that ice cream was not a meal. He’d always look at me and say, “it’s a meal to me” lol. My daughter feels like she’s eating out and of course that makes mama feel really good. The kids come in the kitchen and see everything cooking on the stove and comment on how pretty the Rachael Ray cookware looks. Who thought pots and pans could be so pretty?

I’m just so grateful that everyone is finally eating the way they are supposed to. We actually sit at the table together now and talk while we eat. What I’ve managed to create is a little bit of kitchen therapy. This is the happiest part of my day. When we are able to connect over something as simple as good food, pretty pots…lol and how everyone’s day was, it really does give me encouragement. A few years ago my children’s pediatrician was worried that my son might be diabetic, but no more. My kitchen therapy has banished that scary possibility.

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February 16th, 2015 at 4:49 am

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Not My Favorite Rice Cooker


A little-known fact about my husband: he spent five years in Korea and surrounding Asian countries before we met and got married. He brought back with him a love of Asian food, Korean in particular. In the years since we have been together, we have eaten things like Beef Bulgogi and Kimchi fried rice plus many more. He is the cook when it comes to these meals, partly because he loves to do it and partly because he is so good at it (and partly because I am a little bit lazy and all the chopping and dicing makes me crazy).

He travels for work, though, and when he is home he doesn’t really want to spend a lot of time cooking. This last trip, he was gone for six weeks and it was all I could do to get him to stop sleeping, much less encourage him to cook. I thought I would learn how to cook at least one of his favorite dishes while he was gone–you know, being the good wife and all, plus the kids were clamoring for some Korean lettuce wraps. Simple enough, right?

Wrong. The first mistake I made was in not realizing that the rice cooker we have was one he brought back from Korea. Meaning, of course, that the instructions (including the control buttons) were written in Korean. I thought I could guess which one was correct-but no. Apparently there is a “Keep Warm” setting, which I found out after I checked the rice and it was only mildly warm. We had lettuce wraps minus rice that night.

Last week, I thought I would give it another try. This time, I put just a little bit of rice and water in and hit a different button just to see if it would cook it. Success! So I dumped that bit out and measured the correct amounts of water and rice and turned it on. After about 30 minutes, I went back into the kitchen to discover that the rice cooker had completely overflowed. There was rice water all over the counter and the floor. Do you know how sticky rice water can be? We had scrambled eggs.

Needless to say, I have quit trying. If my husband ever wants me to learn how to cook Korean food, he better find one of the best rice cookers on Amazon and present it to me with a huge red bow and a heartfelt thanks for the effort. Otherwise, I will just stay out of the kitchen while he cooks and everyone will be much happier!

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December 9th, 2014 at 4:01 am

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Knives That Makes My Cooking Easier


Whether you are a high class chef or an amateur that only cooks in your home, it can be nice to know what the top best chef knives to use are.

Utilizing one of these knives will make cooking much easier. There are many places to look that have best kitchen knife reviews. It’s not always about the kind of knife, but the brand that is used. Therefore, what are the best kitchen knives to purchase?

Henckels and Wusthof are brand names coming out of Germany. These brands seem to come up in many reviews about top chef knives to use. Global and Shun are more companies that make great knives to use. Both companies are based out of Japan. All of these manufacturers create a variety of different sizes and lengths to use. You many need to try and look into a few different types to determine which knife will suit your use best.

Many chefs use different sized knives for different uses. A smaller knife might be used for cutting things like vegetables, whereas a larger knife would be useful for things like meats and fish. Buying a knife from any one of these four companies is a smart investment. According to many kitchen knife reviews 2013, they are some of the top manufacturers in the world.


People who buy these knives will own and use them for a lengthy period of time because they last and will make cooking in the kitchen faster and easier. Critics and cooks all over say these are the top best chef knives to use. These brand name knives are light weight yet extremely sharp and durable. Many would say that they are quite attractive as well, so anyone is willing to show them off while using them.

Each person has his or her own likes and styles so these companies try to compensate everyone. Go ahead, look into these brands and try out one of their knives today!

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November 26th, 2012 at 3:01 am